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Book your first visit online and save. Includes Consult, Exam and One Adjustment – $135 Value.

Ends 09/30/16


$47 when you book online. Includes Consult, Exam and Adjustment. $135 Value.
Ends 09/30/16
Meet Southington Chiropractor Dr. Rob

SSouthington Chiropractor Shaw Family Chiropractic dr rob and family imageDr. Rob Shaw is a New York Chiropractic College graduate and has been serving Southington, CT and it’s surrounding towns since 1994.

While a junior at UConn, Dr. Rob found relief from a chronic health condition with Chiropractic and now helps patients get their health back in return.

Dr. Rob manages and provides all aspects of care at Shaw Family Chiropractic, so you’re guaranteed to get his hands every time you stop in for an adjustment. Check out our reviews…

Who Do We Help?

We take care of moms, dads and kids of all ages. Some start because of simple aches and pains – others because they want a more natural way of resolving their chronic health issues.

We also have raving Chiropractic fans who come for regular wellness visits.

  • Wellness 50%
  • Aches & Pain 30%
  • Chronic Health Issues 20%

What to Expect?

On your first visit, you’ll get to tell the the doctor about your health concerns – how it’s affecting your job, family, recreation… your whole Life.  We’ll try to figure out,

What’s wrong,

Can we fix it, 

How long will it take and 

How much will it cost.

Your visit may include visual posture checks, spinal palpation & range of motion exams as well as diagnostic procedures to pinpoint the actual cause of your complaints – Allow 30 minutes from start to finish.

Are We Right for You?

We’ll be the first to say Chiropractic isn’t for everyone.  If you’re looking for a temporary fix or would rather use medication to mask your health issues… then you’re probably not a good fit for our practice.

If however, you believe your body can heal itself NATURALLY with the right care, the right amount time and the right work on your part… then we’ll make a great team!

Take advantage of our special $47 New Patient Offer, or contact us if you have more questions. Helping patients reach their potential with pure Chiropractic care is our passion.  We’d love to help you!

google-reviews-link-underlined“Dr. Rob has relieved my neck, back and hip pain more times than I can count. He listens to you, REALLY listens, offers a wealth of knowledge and phenomenal advice; all while…”  read more

Bridget Pratt

“I have been coming here for years. He is knowledgable, friendly and genuinely cares! I would recommend Dr. Rob to anyone….”  read more

Jonathan Gobeil

“Doctor Rob is awesome, friendly, knowledgeable and thoroughly explains everything. My apprehension evaporated after 5 minutes of talking with him. My pain was….”  read more

Laurie A.

 “So to sum up my feelings about my experience with Dr. Shaw is that I truly believe that God sent me to him because I was drowning in the medication my regular Doctor was giving me to relieve…”  read more

Cathy McLaughlin

 “So to sum up my feelings about my experience with Dr. Shaw is that I truly believe that God sent me to him because I was drowning in the medication my regular Doctor was giving me to relieve…”  read more

Cathy McLaughlin


Just stop by and get adjusted. No appointment need.


Save with our lower than industry visit rates.


Get as much care as you feel comfortable with.


Tailored care for moms, dads and kids of all ages!

Frequently Asked Questions


Good things to know before you come in.

What about insurance?

If you have insurance, we’ll gladly check your benefits before you incur any charges.  Most clients (especially with Obamacare plans) discover our fees are lower than their contracted rates.

Have a high deductible or co-pay plan?  We’ll work to find the most affordable option for you. You can start saving now by booking a $47 New Patient Visit (normally $135).

What are your normal fees?

First visit fees are $135 (includes consult, exam and first adjustment). Follow up office visits are $45.

Looking for affordable wellness care for your whole family?  Ask about our in-house Chiro-Choice plan for more savings.

Who will work on me?
Dr. Robert Shaw has been a Chiropractor in Southington CT since 1994.  He will manage and provide all aspects of your care. We employ no other associates so you’re guaranteed to get Dr. Rob’s hands every time you drop in for an adjustment.  Read more about Dr. Rob here

Can I get adjusted on Day 1?
Yes! If we clearly understand your spinal condition and can safely adjust you, well gladly do so on your first visit – why wait to start the healing process?

Why no appointments?

Our regular clients don’t make appointments. They know their recommendations and simply drop in for adjustments when it’s convenient for them. No re-scheduling calls!

You’ll appreciate not having to schedule your life around doctors visits. We have morning, afternoon and evening Walk-In Hours throughout the week for your convenience… and feel free to bring the kids!

What's a regular visit like?

When you become a regular client, you’ll be seen on a first come first serve basis. Because you don’t need an appointment, you can easily fit in a quick visit when you want – just like picking up a cup of coffee at D&D’s!

At our busiest, you’ll never wait longer than 10 minutes to see the doctor.  We’re always aware and respectful of your valuable time.

Do you push vitamins?
No, we don’t push supplements, we don’t sell pillows and we don’t do adjunctive therapies. We just do Chiropractic – because it works!

Will I have to come forever?

It’s true, we have clients who come regularly for wellness care, but we don’t GUILT them into doing so.

The choice is up to you. You can receive as much or as little care as you feel comfortable with.

“We’ll show you the finest Chiropractic care available. You CHOOSE how much of that care to get and how fast to proceed.” – Dr. Rob

Booking Your First Visit’s a Breeze

Just follow these 3 simple steps.

1. Click the Link

Click the button below for our online booking page.

2. Pick a Time

Find a day and time in your schedule that works best.

3. Come on Down

Show up. Tell us about yourself. Get adjusted!
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