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Chiropractic is founded on a philosophy that Life flows from Above, Down, Inside, Out. All the complex, innate ‘apps’ of Life (like respiration, cardiovascular function and healing) originate from a place in your brain called the brainstem.  They then transmit down from the brain, inside the spinal cord and nerves, then out to every cell, tissue and organ of your body.  When the body is deprived of any of this irrigating Life force, it ceases to recover from injury, adapt to its environment and perform to its fullest potential.

The medical journals are flush with cases of individuals who experienced catastrophic injuries to the outer part of the brain (cerebrum) yet miraculously heal and survive because the brainstem was left intact.  While the cerebrum is absolutely essential for sensory perception, consciousness and willed behavior, it’s the brainstem that serves as the absolute ‘generator’ of Life.  Even should the outer brain be injured, brainstem activity can sustain and heal a living body as long as the lines of communication from it and to it remain open.

The tragic events that occurred in Tucson this weekend remind us how delicate, yet resilient Life truly is.  We can never underestimate the potential to recover from the most devastating of injuries as long as Life flows freely from the brainstem to every cell, tissue and organ in the body.  Time, with a free flow of Life’s Power can heal all wounds.  Please keep congresswoman Giffords and the victims of this weekend’s tragedy in your prayers.  Until next time…