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Depending on who your Source is, there are NO shortages…

Patients have been asking me about the economy and if it’s affected the practice much. The answer is a resounding YES… but not like you’d think. We’ve actually gotten busier, and it makes complete sense.

Chiropractic care by default cost much less in time and money than a trip to any medical doctor. Studies show that patients who regularly use chiropractic are able to tap into their own Innate healing reserves,  use less medication and save hundreds of dollars each month on prescription billsclick here for research

Case in point:  A new patient was  referred to our office for debilitating migraine headaches.  After years of suffering, several MRI’s, trips to various specialists and a multitude of prescriptions (most of which were paid for out of pocket) she decided to try chiropractic.  After a few simple tests, we were able to find the exact cause and location of her problem (misaligned C1 over C2) and correct her problem for literally 1/10 of what she has wasted on all ineffective medical care before!

This week, like every week, thousands of headache patients will see their medical doctors, who will send them to neurologists, who will send them for MRIs and CAT scans, and then these people will be put on powerful drugs (that don’t work). For each one of these thousands of patients, the cost will be thousands. That adds up to millions. For a good percentage of these people, the government (you and I) will pick up the cost of their “health” expenses.

I see these kinds of patients every week in my office.  And, after a short series of adjustments, their headaches are gone, almost like magic.

Just these headache people represent a colossal waste of hard-earned money and government tax money. Many will suffer a bankruptcy as a result of their unnecessary medical bills. And, that’s just headaches. Magnify this scenario by all the problems chiropractors deal with by the millions of people who will go the wasteful traditional route instead of seeing us first. The waste of money is staggering.

Right now the economy stinks because people are afraid of spending. The economy thrives when people are no longer fearful, and money is flowing again through the private sector. When people get well by spending LESS money with chiropractic care, that’s good for them, it’s good for us, and good for the economy.

Can you imagine the cost savings to people and the government if people knew the truth? The more people understand the truth about chiropractic, the better it is for the economy…

We’ve been busier because more patients are getting smarter and more savvy when it comes to spending their health dollars.  Preventative Care visits in our office range from $25 – $35 dollars while typical acute care at a physical therapists or MD can reach the tens of thousands… all with no promise of results.   It’s a no brainer.  When it comes to getting the most out of your health dollars, chiropractic is the smarter choice.