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by  Peter Amlinger, DC   Canada

Spring is springing up in Canada and as we wandered about this weekend and noticed plants stirring back to life and starting to grow again my thots turned to the miracle of miracles the development of a baby within the womb.

From the time of union, when egg and sperm unite to the time the newborn greats the outside world some 280 days later one miracle after another occurs.  Think about it:

•   The brain and spinal cord start to form by day 16 of life.

•   Every hour 100,000 cells are created in the developing spinal cord.

•   All of the organs are always in the right place, the intelligence that builds you knows that fingernails go on the ends of fingers and not on your forehead.

•   The body is constantly rebuilding itself, even in the womb.

•   A child is said to learn 7 Phds of information by the age of 5, then it starts it’s formal education.

•   No instruction manuals, no help it all just unfolds.

So the question becomes; if their is an intelligence that builds the baby in the womb, where does this intelligence go after birth?

NO WHERE!  It constantly flows from the brain over the spinal cord and nerves to the 70 trillion cells of the body; driving function, healing, feeling and one’s intuition!

I want you to contemplate these two questions before your adjustment and if you don’t know ask the doctor:

1.      Do you think it is essential that this intelligence can get from brain to cells without interference?

2.      What happens when it is interfered with?

Chiropractors examine people for subluxations; the most common cause of health robbing nerve interference.  Only chiropractors are trained to detect and correct subluxations.  Living subluxation free ensures the intelligent energy that built you can flow from brain to body to produce optimal function health, healing and wholeness.

It is that simple.

One last question and it is a two parter:

When do you think the first subluxation occurs and when would be the best time to have it detected and corrected by the chiropractor?