Great article about Aquired Immunity.  The flu pandemic in 1918 killed more people than  World Wars I & II combined!  At that time, people who went to the Palmer Chiropractic clinic in Davenport, Iowa had 1/40th the death rate from influenza than those who received medical intervention of the time (basically, if 40 people opted for medical treatment, all died… however the same 40 who got adjusted by BJ Palmer instead, only 1 died!)  This is how chiropractors started to get state licensing, not because of bad backs, but because we were saving people from this plague.

We now know the neuro-immunological connections between getting adjusted and having a strong immune system.  This article just skims the surface on how fearfully and wonderfully our bodies are created and maintained by an intelligence force far beyond our comprehension.  No antibiotic can match Mother Nature!

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