Children taking the drugs Humira, Remicade or Enbrel for juvenile rheumatoid arthritis are now mysteriously developing Leukemias and Lymphomas. The FDA is investigating the link (don’t hold your breath, these guys take a while to get anything done) . According to reports, the FDA has been informed of 30 recent cases of cancer in children on these drugs,

Roughly half the cases were lymphomas, a type of immune-system cancer. Others reported were leukemia, melanoma and cancers of various organs.

This is typical of the “trade one effect for another” problem with taking ANY drug. There are far better, safer and natural ways to deal with childhood arthritis (like finding, correcting and eliminating potential causative factors like premature exposure to antibiotics, mercury based vaccine preservatives and upper cervical subluxations). Innate Health Care will be the wave of the future for problems like these… Click here for the full article.