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Here’s why these three things make you stronger. Everything works better when you are happy! Thinking about good things makes your body stronger all the time.  Making healthy choices helps your body get everything it needs to keep getting stronger all the time too! And, your Power is what helps you keep thinking good things, it helps you use all the good things you get from your healthy choices and it is what really keeps you getting stronger all the time!

When you get checked by your chiropractor you are making sure your Power is on full blast so that you can keep getting stronger all the time! That’s it – it’s so incredibly simple! Helping kids understand these three very simple ideas provides them with everything they need to know about themselves! They learn that everything is always changing –including them – and that they have the power to make good choices and direct their own health and lives. But most important of all, they learn that they ARE this incredible POWER, and there is NOTHING more important for your child to learn about him/herself than that.

So the next time someone asks you why you and your kids go to the chiropractor every week or two you can just tell them, “It’s really simple – like child’s play! There are just three things you need to know…”