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“To find and release your personal masterpiece, direct your mind to your inner healthy self—your values, your passions and your potential…”

David was sculpted out of a “ruined” block of marble rejected by all of his contemporaries. Michelangelo said that he looked inside the stone to find the image he was seeking to create. He then needed only to chip away at what was not the image to reveal the masterpiece. And in his dramatic series of sculptures known as the Captives, the figures appear in the process of being released from the stone that is imprisoning them. Patients are no different.

Within you is a masterpiece waiting to emerge. Like Michelangelo, a skillful chiropractor sees the potential health within every patient. Years of stress, trauma and fear act like granite that entombs your potential. Every adjustment is like a finely placed chisel and hammer strike, gently chipping away the stone to reveal the beauty inside you.

No matter how covered, disfigured or unfinished you may feel, staying consistent with your care can and will reveal the truly amazing person that lies within you. Until next time…