Chiropractic Care becoming popular in the NFL
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Chiropractic Care becoming popular in the NFL

It first started with a video of a Bronco’s receiver getting adjusted during a game on the sideline.  Soon other videos and stories emerged about how many pro football players use chiropractic care regularly to stay in the game.

And it’s not limited to just football.  Chiropractic care has become popular among other professional sports like hockey, basketball and golf.  Just ask Tiger Woods, who’s been a long time fan of chiropractic care.

Just recently an article appeared in USA Today, entitled “Alternative medical options now sought throughout NFL” which touts the popularity of chiropractic care among football players.  In the piece, Jacksonville Jaguars receiver Cecil Shorts, who met his chiropractor through Arizona Cardinals receiver Larry Fitzgerald, credits chiropractic care with “a rapid return to play from hamstring injuries.”

It’s no surprise that athletes, especially those in injury prone sports like football, would choose chiropractic care to aid in recovery.  Over the years, studies have reported the benefits of chiropractic care for healing after work injuries -so why wouldn’t it benefit these athletes who, in essence, get hurt at work every day!

The article support that saying…

So, teams are leaning on treatments that have more data and research to support their efficacy. Matava (USA Today writer) said the Rams’ chiropractor is ‘probably the busiest member of the medical team before the game’ and the team employs an acupuncturist and nutritionist as well.

Whether it be a professional athlete, a blue collar worker or a weekend warrior, we know that regular chiropractic care keeps you functioning at your potential.  The best thing you can do for your performance on the field, on the court or on the ice is to have a clear nerve system.  Don’t take our word for it… it’s all over the media now-a-days!

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