Shockwave Therapy in CT

What is Shockwave Therapy?

New EPAT therapy ‘power washes’ chronic inflammation and pain out of arthritic joints and soft tissues.

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What is Shockwave Therapy in CT (EPAT)?

Extracorporeal Pulse Activation Treatment (EPAT®) is a non-invasive, drugless therapy that uses highly rapid acoustic pulses to stimulate healing and increased metabolism in chronically damaged tissue. Check out the video below.

How Does Shockwave Therapy in CT Work?

Shockwave Therapy sends acoustic waves deep into chronically damaged soft tissues that can’t be reached using standard chiropractic Zone Adjustments. It is considered one of the most advanced and highly effective treatment options with an up to 90% success rate in many cases.

EPAT/Shockwave Therapy activates self-healing by sending intense, short-energy waves traveling faster than the speed of sound to affected areas, this technology can help restart the healing process, especially in those with incorrectly, slow or non-healing injuries. Shockwave treatment has multiple beneficial effects on the body:

  • Improves circulation to injured areas
  • Releases muscle tension
  • Breaks up scar tissue
  • Increases flexibility and range of motion
  • Reduces inflammation
  • Relieves pain

What Conditions Respond to Shockwave?

​Nagging Plantar Fasciitis keeping you from walking or running? Frustrated with Tennis or Golfer’s Elbow that just won’t heal? Can’t raise your arm above your head because of a chronic shoulder problem? Storz EPAT (Extracorporeal Pulse Activation Technology) is the perfect solution to fix it once and for all.
From chronic tendonitis to debilitating back and neck pain, Shockwave is proven to be an effective non-invasive therapy that re-starts the body’s natural healing processes, for complete recovery.

Unleashing Your Body’s Healing Power

Chronic tendon, ligament or muscle injuries are no match for this groundbreaking therapy. Even if you’ve been suffering for months or years, debilitating joint and musculoskeletal conditions can be effectively resolved without cortisone shots, needles or surgery.

Shockwave increases circulation, stimulates tissue re-generation and blocks the pain response – these are all natural byproducts of your body’s own healing power…that’s why it works!

Is Shockwave Therapy in CT Well Researched?

YES! Shockwave therapy (EPAT) has garnered significant attention in the medical community due to its effectiveness in treating various conditions. Numerous research studies using Storz technology, have provided evidence of its benefits.

These studies demonstrate its ability to reduce pain, promote tissue healing and enhance patient outcomes. Radial shockwave is a valuable non-invasive option for individuals seeking relief from a range of painful conditions.

Evidence points to improved pain management, quicker recovery, and enhanced quality of life. Patients and healthcare professionals alike are turning to radial shockwave therapy as a reliable approach to manage musculoskeletal disorders.

Dr. Gina Wagner-Shaw

Research for Shockwave effectiveness was performed using Swiss made Storz EPAT units. That’s why we chose Storz for our patients – nothing else can compare.

Click Here for the Research

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Zone Chiropractic Care is based on the idea that the body can heal itself when your brain is in a ‘balanced’ state. There are six distinct functional zones of the brain, each corresponding to specific organs, tissues, and functions. When these zones are in harmony, the body’s innate healing potential is optimized.

Shockwave Therapy is also known as Extracorporeal Pulse Activation Treatment (EPAT®). It is a non-invasive procedure that sends acoustic waves deep into chronically damaged soft tissues. It is a highly effective treatment with up to 90% success with chronic joint and soft tissue problems.

Health Counseling at Shaw Family Chiropractic, LLC is based on Rays of the Dawn and Concept Therapy, developed by Dr. Thurman Fleet. Physical healing is achieved by identifying and correcting underlying mind, body and soul stresses that make people sick.


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