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What does Daylight Savings Time and a Chiropractic Adjustment have in common?

Both give you more LIGHT??? OK, I can hear you all groaning out there  “Dr. Rob, you’re really stretching it this time!”  But in some way my statement is true… The soul purpose of a Principled Chiropractor is to locate and correct SUBLUXATIONS.  When you break that word down into it’s components, SUB – LUX – ATION you’ll discover the following…

“SUB” – means less than or below

“LUX” – is a prefix that translates to LIGHT and

“ATION” – is a state of being, or a condition

So the literal definition of Sub-lux-ation is  “a state or condition of less LIGHT.” When a Principled Chiropractor locates and corrects Subluxations, he or she is literally trying to set free your Life Power,  or “LIGHT” so it can  flow freely within you and illuminate every cell tissue and organ of your body.  Sickness and Dis-Ease is a result of “less light” permeating your body.  Getting adjusted gives you more light, just like setting your clocks forward!

So the next time you get adjusted, visualize your “LIGHT” getting turned on and realize just how better your health and your Life has been because you’re under regular chiropractic care. Love to hear your comments! – Dr. Rob

PS – Right now, you’re either on time or an hour late…lol