One of the most successful people on the planet, (whose name escapes me right now), offers this as his formula for success:

  • Get crystal clear on exactly what it is you want to achieve and write it down.
  • Now think about the price you will have to pay to achieve it. How much time, energy, resources and sacrifice will it take?
  • Decide whether you are willing to pay the price to achieve it. If the answer is yes, then start paying the price.

I think this is a very good exercise and we should apply this strategy to all of our goals. Along with this type of process we must learn to let our goals come to us as inspirations; from our hearts instead of our heads. Chiropractic is based upon the Law that says a perfect and infinite intelligence exists in all matter. We must learn to work with this intelligence to become master manifesters. This intelligence, which BJ Palmer fondly called his silent partner or “that something,” is a powerful force within each of us which I believe, is our link to the Creator. If we can learn to “harness” this inner power which only works for the highest good by the way, we can live an inspired life and the goals we should be working on in all areas of our life will be clear to us as our innate reveals them. We now start living a life of RESONANCE instead of a life of RESISTANCE. We become inner directed instead of outer reactive.

Dr Sid Williams states correctly that: “Innate does not care about the size of our goals; it just achieves what we impress upon it.”

The way to achieve any goal or outcome in our life is to:

  • Listen to your innate for inspiring thot flashes guiding you towards certain goals habits and personal growth projects.
  • Trust that your Silent Partner knows what is best for you and accept the vision
  • Listen to your innate. It will start to send you step by step actions steps towards the accomplishment/manifestation of your inspiration.
  • Trust innate again. It will provide you with the strength and resources to,
  • Act on the action steps it sends you with faith and with peace and joy, knowing innate is always working towards the highest good.
  • Finish each day by being grateful for what innate has provided for you in life and in relation to your goals.

Job one might be turning of the TV or video games and sitting quietly 30 minutes a day clearing your mind of clutter so that you hear innate when it speaks and remember:

“Man is a damn mess until he learns God’s order.”

Norman MacLean in A River Runs Through It.