A chiropractor buddy of mine swears by a brand of sunblock called Blue Lizard. His kids are all blond haired and fair skinned, practically live at the beach and never burn. This year he took them to Puerto Rico and forgot the Blue Lizard. They bought some off the shelf stuff like Coppertone, and guess what? Everyone fried like eggs!

Now more than ever you need to protect your skin from OVER exposure to the sun. It’s true that sunlight is healthy for you to some degree (you need 15-20 minutes of sunlight exposure daily to synthesize Vitamin D) but you don’t want to overdo it. Using a good quality sunblock will save your family heartache now, and in the future. Remember sunburns, like cigarettes, are one of those things strongly linked to cancer.

So have fun this summer, drink plenty of electrolyte replenishing fluids when your in the sun and most of all… don’t forget some lizard!