This week, clinical psychologist and TV personality Dr. Phil interviewed his personal Chiropractor and author, Dr. Fabrizio Mancini on his nationally syndicated show.  So what’s his take on getting adjusted?  Dr. Phil touts the benefits of regular care and stated “I’ve been seeing my chiropractor twice a week for 10 years!”  And you can bet it wasn’t for back or neck pain… but to stay well!

Dr. Fabrizio Mancini’s book, “The Power of Self-Healing: Unlock Your Natural Healing Potential in 21 Days!”, is a great read for anyone looking to change their health and their life.  Dr. Fab professes the philosophy that we are all born with the ability to self heal.  By balancing physical, mental and spiritual health we can achieve greater states of happiness and wellness.   His book breaks down the steps explains how to implement them in your life.

Thanks Dr. Phil for putting out such a positive impression of  Chiropractic!