“So what did you learn this weekend?” Without a doubt, the best thing I do for my practice and myself is to attend the Dynamic Essentials Seminars (aka “DE”) regularly to de-ttach from the things that matter least in life and in practice. It’s a ritual de-husking, de-cluttering and de-throwning of the desires, beliefs and intentions of the ego and a re-commitment to the TRUTH. My mentor and living legend Dr. Sid Williams once said, “Want to make God laugh? Show him YOUR plans for YOUR life. HIs are so much bigger!”

Well, God’s been having a good chuckle and it’s time I get back to His plan and not my own. My first commission is to spread this TRUTH,

The only Power that can heal your sick body, is the Power that CREATED you and SUSTAINS your existence. It’s a little piece of God Himself, placed within you from the moment of conception. This infinitely intelligent Power knitted you in your mother’s womb over the course of nine months, and will keep you alive over the next 90 years. The more connected you are to YOUR Power, the better your health will be. The more you step out of YOUR Power’s way, the more abundant your life will be.

Oh, the answer to your question “what did I learn this weekend” Well, it’s not so much what I learned, but what I de-learned. I de-learned that I’m the one in control… That I’m the one responsible for your getting better… That I have all the answers. The TRUTH is my sole responsibility as YOUR Chiropractor is to re-aquaint with YOUR Power (with a specific chiropractic adjustment) and trust IT completely to do the healing.