One of Albert Einstein’s famous quotes is “Nothing happens until something moves. When something vibrates, the electrons of the entire universe resonate with it.  Everything is connected.

Chiropractors deal with movement.  We say motion is life… lack of motion is death.  The reason we adjust the spine is to restore normal motion or “vibrational tone” within the nervous system.  Just as a technician tunes a piano to perfect the music that comes out of it.  Tuning your nerve system perfects the “music” or function of every cell, tissue and organ in your body.

Chiropractors optimize tone within the nerves of your body by easing the stress that builds up in them over time.  This stress is called Subluxation.

Chiropractic adjustments restore normal joint motion and nerve tone (vibration), which according to Einstein has the capability of influencing YOUR universe!  (the expression of Life in your body) – chiropractic is that simple.

If everyone on the planet understood this and received regular adjustments it would be a happier, healthier and better planet.

Wayne Dyer says “When you change the way you look at things, the things you look at change.”  People need to change the way they look at health and healing.  (Among other things).

Please share this simple yet powerful concept with everyone you meet – you will improve the lives of many and save the lives of some if you do.  Create a great life!

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