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By Southington Chiropractor – Robert Shaw, DC

Manufacturers of prescriptions containing acetaminophen are being asked to limit the dosage of the drug and add a liver toxicity warning to product labels, the Food and Drug Administration announced Thursday.  This so-called “boxed warning” is the agency’s strongest warning for a prescription drug.

“FDA is taking this action to make prescription combination pain medications containing acetaminophen safer for patients to use,” said Dr. Sandra Kweder, deputy director of the Office of New Drugs in FDA’s Center for Drug Evaluation and research (CDER).  “Overdose from prescription combination products containing acetaminophen account for nearly half of all cases of acetaminophen related liver failure in the United States, many of which result in liver transplant or death.”

This article should make you think twice (better yet, three times) about taking Tylenol.  Yes, they say it’s safe when taken as suggested.  But did you know that many people take it DAILY as if it were a vitamin?  If you’re in that much chronic pain, don’t settle for masking it with drugs.  A Chiropractic Upper Cervical evaluation may reveal the actual cause of your problem so you can get off the pain meds.  Call us for help!