Yet another study showing the benefits of Omega 3 intake during fetal development has emerged. Click Here for Article. Omega 3 fatty acids are essential fats found predominantly in fish oil as EPA and DHA (don’t ask me to pronounce or spell them out!).

Previous reports also link postpardum depression, poor neurological development and congnitive skills to insufficient omega 3 levels during pregnancy. If baby doesn’t get enough omega three during development, it will steal levels from its mother to make up for it. That’s what leads to depression in mom (low levels of omega three in adults are linked to depression and poor neurological function)

Recommended dosages of Omega 3’s are around 2 grams a day to be therapeutically beneficial. Make sure you’re also taking a pharmaceutical grade that has been tested and screened for no presence of mercury, PCB’s or other contaminants common in cheaper off the shelf products.