A great Universal Intelligence (God), created everything, including you. A piece of God’s intelligence lives in you and maintains your existence. Chiropractors call this Innate Intelligence.

Innate Intelligence functions like the Intel Chip of a computer. It’s job is to generate all the “data” needed to keep you alive. For example, healing is a critical function coordinated by your Innate Intelligence. As long as there is no interference, “Innate” will sequence and distribute all the instructions needed for your body to repair itself. From mending a broken bone to fighting cancer.

This BIG idea separates Chiropractors from all other health professionals. Our core belief is that Innate Intelligence needs no assistance, just no interferece to do it’s job. That’s why Chiropractic patients routinely heal without needing drugs or surgery. We teach them how to trust and to tap into the Innate Power they already have inside! Do you know how to tap into yours?