Having a tough time getting out of bed because of your tight back?Does it take more than a few minutes just to get your joints loosened up once your feet hit the floor? That morning stiffness you experience could be a sign of bigger problems.

1920’s researcher Dr. Henry Windsor discovered that 9 in 10 disease processes start with stiffness, misalignment and arthritic changes in the spine. The results were so daunting that he concluded “a person is literally as old as his or her spine.” click here to see the research

According to Dr. Windsor, not only does regular Chiropractic care benefit you by keeping your spine flexible, but it also indirectly keeps your internal organs youthful and less likely to develop disease. So if you want to stay young and healthy on the inside as well as the outside, keep your spine in great shape with the right dose of stretches and Chiropractic care. Until next time, stay young & loose! Dr. Rob