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It’s great that you’ve started a new exercise routine this year.  Jogging, weight training and jazzercise classes are all good for you as long as your spine is in shape to take it!  Exercising a crooked spine (even if it’s off a few millimeters from neutral alignment) can create long term problems.

If you’re experiencing pain after your exercise routine, it could be one of two things…  “Start-Up Pain” or “Injury Pain.” Some soreness is normal when you start a new regiment for the first time, and it usually passes in a few days.  However, if exercising continues to produce aches which, 1. Lasts more than a few days and 2. Begins to  interfere with normal daily activities (like sleeping, sitting at the computer or cleaning the house), the problem may be due to an unbalanced spine. (see the picture above)

A simple posture check on our Spinal Analysis Machine (S.A.M.) can tell whether your spine is “exercise ready” or out of alignment (subluxated). X-rays can further reveal specific injuries if you’re still in pain after several weeks.   It’s smart to get your spinal alignment checked before you hammer it with exercise. – Dr. Rob