healing zone ahead
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Construction sites are hectic -heavy equipment everywhere, orange cones marking hazardous areas, workers tearing up and laying down new asphalt.  It’s a wonder anything gets done amid the chaos.  But behind that chaos is intelligence… a team of well skilled architects, surveyors and foremen, carefully directing the project behind the scenes until it reaches completion.

Like construction projects, healing can appear chaotic and delayed at times.  Just when it seems you’re making progress, something flairs up… an old problem returns, a new ache arises, and it feels like you’re slipping backwards.   But behind the chaos, a sophisticated innate intelligence is orchestrating the healing process at a level beyond human comprehension.

Healing can look ugly from the outside.  But be patient.  Amid the chaos, order prevails and progress is happening.  Know that the best construction crew (Innate Incorporated) with the best set of blue prints (your Chiropractic Care Plan) is working tirelessly to get the job done.

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