By Dr. Kevin Donka

The following true story occurred many years ago when I was very young in practice.  It represented a turning point for me where I realized completely for the very first time, just how incredibly far reaching having a functioning spine and a clear brain-body connection can be, and how crucial the full expression of health is to having a peaceful, loving, joyous and harmonious life.

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There were roughly 20 people attending my workshop including a little girl 4 or 5 years old who was busy coloring in the corner.  At the end of the talk, a woman stood up and shared that she had been ready to divorce her husband (seated next to her) before he began his chiropractic care because of how short-tempered and nasty he had become over the past few years.  She said he was no longer the man she had known and loved for so long.  But, she continued, since he had started getting adjusted and began feeling better, she had seen the return of the man she had been attracted to and married so many years before.

She explained that he had stopped complaining and yelling all the time and had begun working in the garden again and taking walks with her.  He was smiling a lot more and he had even begun singing around the house again.  Plus, she added, he was playing with their little daughter in a whole new way.  She was so happy and she just wanted everyone to know how much chiropractic had helped them.  She then turned and addressed the little girl coloring in the corner; “Isn’t that right Caitlyn, sweetie pie?  Isn’t Daddy more fun now?”  The little girl looked up and said, “He doesn’t BEAT me anymore…”

Suddenly the room went deadly quiet.  Nobody knew what to say or do after hearing this… and then the man began to sob.  After a few moments, he told us how horrible his headaches had been, and that he had never wanted to be so mean to his wife and his precious daughter, but he had felt so bad himself he just couldn’t help it.  As he put it, “I was pissed off at the world, and they just kept getting in my way.”  He thanked me again and told me the care he had received in our center had saved his life for sure, and probably his daughter’s life too.  Not that he would have actually ever harmed her severely physically; but the damage he had been doing to her mentally made him feel utterly ashamed and sick to his stomach.  Then he took a deep breath and said with determination, “BUT NO MORE!  He shook his head and after a pause he repeated in a whisper, “No more.”

How many people are treating themselves and others poorly because of how badly they feel physically?  We’re not just talking about health here; we’re talking about LIFE!  The truth is this;

NO part of your life will work as well as it is meant to without your health!

NEVER FORGET how powerful your adjustments are, and never always remember the perfection that has been placed inside of you…the perfection that gives you the opportunity to live a happy, healthy and vital life, as long as it is allowed to flow freely and normally through your nerve system.

Chiropractic care makes sure your spine is aligned and functioning properly, so that your brain-body connection is clear and your Intelligent Life Energy can flow freely and normally and keep you moving steadily toward the full expression of health and life!  This is a crucial idea to understand, for we never know how far reaching something we may think say or do today will affect millions of lives tomorrow.