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With all the talk about health care reform, national health care and government health care, I couldn’t help but think of this quote and how much it applies to the current situation.  What we currently call health care couldn’t be any further from “health” care.  It is widely agreed upon, even in the medical community, that what we have is a “sick” care or “crisis” care system.  The majority of what is done today is aimed at the diagnosis and treatment of disease.

Health is not the diagnosis and treatment of anything.   Health is a state of the body when it is FUNCTIONING at its optimum, at 100%.   So health care then would be anything that helps to improve the FUNCTION of the body. Health is something that must be worked on, on a continuous basis.   Eating right, exercising, sleeping well and having positive thoughts are all examples of health-ful behaviors.   In other words, doing those things on a regular basis will improve the FUNCTION of your body.   This is fact. There really is nothing to discuss when it comes to those behaviors.

The last aspect for HEALTH, is to look at what controls all the FUNCTIONS of the body. According to Gray’s Anatomy: the NERVOUS SYTEM controls and coordinates every FUNCTION of the human body. Therefore for proper function to occur within the body the nerve system has to be functioning properly and without interference. The INNATE INTELLIGENCE within each and every one of us is what does all the healing. It is what beats the heart, digests food, heals a cut and keeps you from getting sick. Innate intelligence travels over the nervous system to every part of the body.

When a spinal bone moves out of its proper alignment the result can be pressure upon nerves which interferes with the transmission of the mental impulses coming from the brain and going to the entire body. The result is an inability for the body to properly heal and regulate itself, which equals dis-ease, or lack of ease, or lack of harmony and FUNCTION.

Until we as a society first understand what health is and then take PERSONAL RESPONSIBILTY for doing what it takes to be healthy, we will never have TRUE HEALTH CARE REFORM.  Getting more people covered in a system that rewards everyone when people are SICK is not gonna cut it.  Whether it is private or government to me is not the MAJOR ISSUE   The issue is understanding what health is and doing what it takes to be healthy. – Dr. Rob