Did you know that some people have one leg that’s actually 1/4 inch or more shorter than the other? Did you know that this leg length inequality can cause hip pain, low back pain and disc problems in adults and children? Did you know that a $15 heel lift, specific posture based exercises and spinal adjustments can correct this problem and greatly improve a person’s quality of life?

When the parents brought their 14 year old son to the orthopedic doctor for back and hip pain, they were told “it’s only growing pains… it will go away on its own.” They innately felt something else was going on so they came to our office for a consultation. After a few simple tests it was clear what was CAUSING their son’s pain, an undiagnosed Leg Length Inequality problem. With a $15 heel lift, a few chiropractic adjustments and some simple exercises, he was able to gain normal function, experienced significant pain relief and was able to get back to playing his favorite sports again.

If know a child with back or hip pain and has been told “it’s just growing pains,” it could be something more. Contact our office for a Complementary Consultation. They may have an Undiagnosed Leg Length Inequality problem.