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Today the FDA came out with its position on mercury in fillings (dental amalgams). According to their website, as part of settling a lawsuit with several consumer advocacy groups…

the FDA agreed to alert consumers about the potential risks on its website and to issue a more specific rule next year for fillings that contain mercury, FDA spokeswoman Peper Long said.

Specifically, the FDA has agreed that amalgams which contain half mercury poses a risk to pregnant women, children and FETUS’. Here’s where things get interesting…

The FDA still won’t admit that mercury in the form of thimerisol in childhood vaccines and flu shots is dangerous too! How can mercury be bad for you if when it’s in your dental fillings, but be perfectly fine if you inject it directly into your body? Makes no sense whatsoever.

Although the rates of autism and alzhiemer’s are on the rise in our country (both neurological diseases), the FDA and the pharmaceutical companies refuse to remove neurotoxic mercury containing preservatives like thimerisol from all vaccines. Childhood vaccines were mandated in the early 2000’s to take the preservative out, but it’s still present in your flu shot… that once a year, ritual dose of mercury people line up for at CVS every season.

The bottom line is you need to be vigillent when it comes to knowing what your doctor wants to inject into your body. Get the facts yourself! The FDA’s track record when it comes to COMMON SENSE is lacking.

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