Fish oil is good for you right?  Well the answer to that is yes and no, according to a new study looking at the fatty acid content of popular fishes.  Turns out that one of the most popular eaten fishes, Tilapia has more of the bad Omega 6 fatty acids and little to no Omega 3 fatty acid (Omega 3’s are the ones that are good for arthritis, inflammation, heart disease).  Omega 6 fatty acids are found primarily in plant oils like corn oil, cottonseed oil and soybean oil.  We get WAY TOO much of this oil in the standard American, couch potato diet… mostly because manufacturers hide it in just about every type of carbohydrate based foods like cookies, crackers, bread, we like to snack on.

Read this article for more details… and don’t give up on all fish because of it.  Just Tilapia.  If you’re still confused about what type of fish to eat, you can always supplement with a high grade fish oil to get all the Omega 3 fatty acid benefits in your diet.


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