Just right
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Some people think wellness is a matter of luck – as if you hit the genetic lottery with a great immune system, perfect organic function and loads of energy. Actually, you don’t have to knock on wood to be healthy… you have more control over its natural ‘expression’ than you think.

Health is your birthright. From the moment of conception, through adolescent growth into adulthood, the innate intelligent power of life that brought you into existence continues to re-create the best version of ‘YOU’ possible. That includes helping you to grow strong, recover from illnesses and conquer the stresses life. All these vital functions of health are orchestrated by an innate power within you, through a patent nerve system – and you have complete control over how CLEAR your life line is with regular adjustments.

If you’ve noticed a huge change in your health since you’ve been receiving consistent chiropractic care, it’s not from knocking on wood. It’s from ‘knocking’ subluxated vertebrae back into alignment so innate can do its job without interference.


Hope to see you this week! – Dr. Rob