That was me back in the day. I’m the guy on the far left with the cheesy smile. Little did I know that around that time, my life would take a turn in a different direction. If you’ve never heard my story, here it is.

In my junior pre-med year at UConn, I began to experience a non-stop, gnawing pain in my gut. The pain at its lowest was bad enough to keep me awake every night and completely kill my appetite. At its worst, all I wanted to do was curl up in bed and die. I started seeing a bunch of doctors. You know the routine, go to one guy, get a drug. Go to another, try a different drug. Go to yet another, get some tests (none of which was helping). They eventually “diagnosed” me with REFLUX but with all their technology, testing and science no one could tell me how I got it or how to get rid of it. Then someone turned me on to Chiropractic…

This new doctor I went to, a chiropractor, wasn’t like the rest. He taught me how my body was smart enough to heal itself and that the drugs the other doctors put me on were just polluting my blood stream. He opened my eyes to a new and more sensible way of healing. Remove the cause Subluxation , and reap the benefits. Long story short, my stomach healed up after the chiropractic adjust-
ments got rid of my nerve stress. The gut wrenching pain stopped when the CAUSE of the problem was finally addressed. Now I have the priviledge of doing the same thing for MY OWN patients!

Chiropractic isn’t complicated, it isn’t artificial and it surely isn’t expensive. If more people knew about the healing POWER they own, and the positive changes that go on inside them after receiving a chiropractic adjustment, they’d be lining up outside our doors. If you know someone suffering with a health problem, will you tell them my story? The DIRECTION of my life changed because of a LIFE RESTOR-
ING Chiropractic ADJUSTMENT. Maybe we can change their lives too!

Until next time, Dr. Rob

P.S. The other guys in the picture are my fraternity brothers Bill and Kevin. Bill, on the far right, was so blown away with my Chiropractic results that he decided to become one too. He practices in Rhode Island. Kevin, on the other hand, became an attorney. Oh well, 2 out of three ain’t bad!