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If you went to a chemical supply store and bought all the necessary minerals, elements & chemicals it took to create a 150 lbs. human being, you’d end up spending around $20. Yet with all that medical science has learned, they will NEVER be able to combine these chemicals and parts together make a complete human being because they’d still have a missing ingredient.  LIFE!

Author Wayne Dwyer dicussed an experience he had when his grandmother passed over.  Apparently, right after death they weighed her.  She was the same weight she was just before she died.  His question was: “what left when she died?”

What is Life?  How does this miraculous energy enter the cells of the just conceived baby?  Where does it go at death?  We really don’t know; what we do know that it exists.  It exists and its vehicle for expression is the nervous system.

If the nervous system is free of subluxation stress, then Life can get from the brain to the body unhibited and the result is optimal vitality, optimum expression and optimum healing power.

That is why you get adjusted!  For the Life of it!