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In our fast paced society where drive through windows and microwave food is common place, patients also want instant gratification when it comes to their health problems. But in chiropractic, just because results don’t come right away doesn’t mean you ‘can’t get no satisfaction…’

Chiropractic Principle #6 brings levity to this dilemma. It simply states “there is no process that does not require time…” Take a plant out of the sun and over time it will wilt to near death. Expose that same plant again to sunlight and over time it will restore itself. It won’t perk up instantly, but it can over time.

The same goes for you. Without enough nerve energy (subluxation), over time your body parts wilt, get sick and eventually die. Restore nerve energy (adjust-ment) and over time they will perk up and become healthy again… but it takes time.

Tiiiiime is on your side… YES IT IS!

When you’re inconsistent with your care or quit all together, it’s like moving a wilting plant in and out of a dark closet, limiting its time in the sun. Without prolonged exposure to Life giving light, it can’t grow healthy and neither can you.

For 2010, make the commitment to stay Subluxation free for longer periods of time and you’ll get the results you’re hoping for. As long as you’re free from nerve interference, time will be on your side!