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CHICAGO – At least 2 million older Americans are taking a combination of drugs or supplements that can be a risky mix — from blood thinners and cholesterol pills to aspirin and ginkgo capsules — a new study warns.

The article says Virtually every medicine can have side effects, and with so many being used by so many older adults, the potential for harm is high.”

They then go on to say combining Statin drugs for cholesterol (like Lipitor, Zocor, Crestor) and aspirin is one of those risky interactions people need to avoid. How many people do YOU know were told by their MD’s to do just that! It’s insane. Better health through better chemistry doesn’t work, and once again the medical field has failed to give people what they truly want…

It’s better to put time, faith and energy in enhancing your own God given ability to heal, than to blindly follow the irrational and DANGEROUS methods of medicine. – Dr. Rob

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