A must read article in Reuters today about the rise in use and abuse of prescription medications. The core of the problem is high “social acceptance” of using prescription drugs for just about every problem. One expert is quoted…

“What you have among over the counter and prescription drug use is a very low perception of risk,” said Stephen Pasierb, president and chief executive of the Partnership for a Drug-Free America, a nonprofit advocacy group.

“There’s very low social disapproval. In fact, there are parents who almost relieved that their kid is using Vicodin and not smoking marijuana,” he said.

Think about it… If we teach our children to treat physical problems with drugs (headache… take an advil, ADHD… take some Ritalin, Allergies… take some Sudafed),

They will eventually learn to escape emotional problems with drugs (depressed… drink some alcohol, stressed… smoke some marajuana, don’t fit in… take some heroin).

Don’t let the the Drug Culture influence your kids! Teach them how special they are. Tell them God created them with the “batteries already included.” The Power they have to draw from on the inside, is greater than any temporary solution the world can offer.

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