It’s better to raise healthy kids, than to repair damaged adults…

This week I had three people start care that had health problems as preteens and adolescents. All were seen, assessed and monitored by medical specialists and were told after reaching the age of 16: “you will be fine don’t worry about it.” They were then released from medical care and were no longer followed up.

Now all three are in there mid to late 20’s and have signs of significant and long standing Subluxation stress on their spines and subsequently their nervous systems. There is damage to the spine and changes to the shape of the vertebrae. In all three cases the issues could have been minimized, if not prevented had they been under ongoing quality chiropractic care. It is better to raise healthy children than to repair damaged adults!

If your spine, (or your child’s spine), was on your, (or their) face you would take better! care of it!

The truth is no one knows how to help people develop a healthy spine and nervous system better than a chiropractor.  Another truth is that without it you cannot be healthy!  Get your children checked and tell your friends to do the same, you will be investing in the future if you do!


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