BJ Palmer, the founder of chiropractic, said that if the germ theory was true we wouldn’t be here to talk about it. In the upcoming weeks you’re going to be overwhelmed with warnings about this year’s flu season. The fear mongering will start and many people will run frantically to the local CVS for their “life saving” shot. But STOP!

Before you lose your mind, take a deep breath and think… Does the germ theory really make sense?  Germs, bacteria and viruses surround us; we breathe them in, we swallow them, we rub them into our eyes and we constantly dance with them.  They are like the seeds of a dandelion looking for a nice patch of fertile soil to drop into, germinate and grow.  But not everyone is overtaken by them and becomes sick.  That’s because  IT’s NOT THE GERMS THAT’S THE PROBLEM…  IT’S YOUR RESISTANCE!

How do you maintain optimum resistance?  Research shows that those under regular chiropractic care have lower levels of oxidative stress in their cells, (that is a very good thing) and have up to 200% BETTER IMMUNE FUNCTION THAN THOSE WHO DO NOT GET ADJUSTED. Dandelions cannot penetrate lush, rich and healthy lawns!

Couple this regular care up with a healthy lifestyle and you are giving your family the best possible protection they could ever hope for.  Chiropractic is simple – if you are free of subluxations, you can adapt to your environment, beat up the germs and stay healthy.   Don’t let the simplicity of this truth distract from its power.  It’s the biggest idea I know of! – Dr. Rob