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Southington, CT Chiropractor Rob Shaw, DC

If you were the unfortunate recipient of a nasty cut, you most likely made the trip to a local  ER for some stitches.  After a little local anesthetic and some skilled suturing, your cut looks a lot cleaner.  Even better, after a few days when the stitches come out, you can barely notice that an open wound was once there.  So did the stitches do the healing?

Stitches and Chiropractic Adjustments have one thing in common… neither actually do the healing.  Sure, both are provided when an injury takes place.  But both are designed to only create a ‘cleaner’ environment for the intelligent, healing power inside you body to do the job.  Stitches line up cut skin edges to mend and adjustments line up misaligned vertebrae to ease nerve pressure, but it’s the Power of Life coursing through you and time that does the healing.

The next time you come in for an adjustment to instantly fix your headache, your sciatica or your sleeping problems, understand that it isn’t the adjustment that produces the results.  It only improves the environment for the healing to take place.  It takes your Innate Healing Power and time to get the job done.  Until next time.