By Dr. Peter Amlinger

Marcus Bach, a noted theologian and a close friend of BJ Palmers stated that the secret to success was to always be one’s true self.  BJ agreed with him but clarified the definition by saying the key was to always be one’s INNATE self.

Remember, your innate is your consciousness.  BJ defined it as an infinite, indefinitely superior, very intelligent energy which always works for the the highest good.  He further stated in the story of that something that it was faith, power, confidence, ambition and more!  This innate, this friend within, is something special; and we all have one.

Your innate is always working on your behalf guiding you in all areas of your life; IF you are tuned into it.

BJ went on to teach that innate always speaks in positive, action oriented ways and that when it is innate nudging you to do something the urge is always accompanied by a sense of peace and ease, even if the task is difficult and or enormous.

So in practical terms how do we do this?

Here are some tips:

  • Stay adjusted.  Your innate can only speak clearly to you when you are free of subluxation induced nerve interference.
  • Live consciously, practice being 100% present in everything that you do.  When you are living in present time consciousness you are being your consciousness!
  • Learn to quiet your mind.  Innate is always whispering to you bout sometimes cannot be heard above the roar of the ego.
  • Release limiting and negative beliefs, habits and thought patterns.
  • Become aware of what is going on within your being, physically, mentally and emotionally; these are the channels through which innate communicates.

BJ said that what separates geniuses from the rest of humanity is that people who are expressing their genius have learned to discern what their innate is guiding them to do, trust it; and take action on it.

Try it, in all areas of your life, it has proven itself for me time and time again!