Superbugs are in the news again.  Hospitals now face an never ending war against the drug resistant germs they’ve created from antibiotic misuse.  This time the culprit is overuse of germicidal soaps (alcohol based) and their affect on bacterial mutation.

One of the basic Laws of Nature is adaptation.  Adaptation is what all normal, healthy living organisms due day by day in an attempt to survive its environment.  Humans have perhaps the most advanced adaptation capabilities.  When our immune systems encounter bacteria or viruses, our Innate and Aquired Immune Systems kick into gear and mount a formidable defense against the foreign invader.  We may experience symptoms, but we adapt as long as our network of nerves is free from stress.

The problem with “modern medicine” is that it has divorced the Natural Laws of Nature like adaptation, for the quick easy fix of chemical intervention.  It’s better to kill things off fast with drugs so we don’t have to mount our own defenses… right?  Hindsight is 20/20 and now the germs are getting the upper hand because of medicines faulty thinking.

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