If we really want to change and grow we must leave the comfort of “the box” and fly into new sometimes uncharted skies.  If we look at hard simple facts we know that over 50% of the budget is spent on health care and yet humanity is getting sicker and sicker. Many of today’s  promising drugs and treatments are causing tomorrows diseases and are causing problems far worse than the original problem they were developed to treat.

For example, it is now known that many of the drugs used to treat gastric reflux are robbing the bones of calcium and are causing or accelerating osteoporosis.

Health comes from within, when Life can flow from the brain over the nerves to the body without interference.  Without 100% nerve flow you cannot have 100% health.  Subluxations restrict nerve flow.  Adjustments restore nerve flow.  This is the primary purpose of chiropractic care.  Innate intelligence does the rest.  Your responsibility is to give your self what it needs to be healthy after it has been adjusted; healthy food, plenty of water, exercise and quality rest.

It is time for humanity to be freed from the box in which it has been flying so it can start to live without interference.

Chiropractic is a great story; but an even better secret, please tell others.