Did you know the current medicine used for Asthma does not cure the condition?

Did you know that a bone out of alignment in the neck and upper back can irritate the lung nerves and trigger an Asthma attack? Did you know a simple, non-evasive test called Tytron Thermography can pinpoint the areas of nerve stress involved with Asthma, making it easy to locate, detect and correct the actual cause of the problem… thus eliminating the dependence on ineffective medication?

“Amber suffered with Asthma attacks several times a year and needed to use an inhaler regularly every week just to breathe normally. She began receiving regular Chiropractic adjustments under a special Family Care Plan. Much to her surprise, after weeks of getting scanned and having her lung nerves properly cleared of stress (subluxations), she was able to reduce using her inhaler and eventually stop using it altogether! She was able to run in gym class and play softball again without worrying she was going to trigger another attack.”

If you know of anyone taking inhalants for Asthma, tell them to visit us and have a Tytron Spinal thermography test of thier spine. They may have undiagnosed Subluxations which are causing their problem. If that’s the case, we can help them. Until next time…

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