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This statement, which was written more than 50 years ago is truer today than ever before. Simply stated, the war against disease has not produced better health.  People are looking for a new path to health… one different than the old medical model which declares war on disease and uses the body as its battlefield. Chiropractic is THAT path for many people.

The “Invisible Influence” written about by Cannon, is the essence of Life breathed into you by God… your Innate Spirit, the abstract power within you that knows how to coordinate each and every one of your body’s functions from digestion to building and repairing to sustain your existence.

The chiropractor is the specialist in wellness, seeking first to balance the physical, mental and spiritual parts of man with his hands.  Knowing with this approach there is more power in  RESTORING HEALTH vs. fighting disease.   So what does it take to get great results with your chiropractic care?

  • Time: It took you time to slide to your present level of “health” and it will take time for you to climb to a higher level of health. There are no short cuts.
  • Commitment: It will take time to restore full function to your nerve system. This takes consistent adjustments, so follow your recommended adjustment schedule.
  • Awareness: Educate yourself about the chiropractic lifestyle, health and healing. Realize what causes subluxations so you can minimize.  Get proper rest, think healthy thoughts, eat the right foods and start MOVING!

Until next time…