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If you wanted to build a human being from scratch, you could easily find the physical elements in about $20 worth of dirt.  The two other ‘priceless’ parts would be much harder to come by.

The 4th Principle in Chiropractic, “The Triune of Life,” describes the human form as the union of matter (dirt) with a force (life), all ordered by an inborn intelligence  innate).  From the moment of conception where all three unite, to birth in nine months, through adolescence into adulthood and ending in death, the interplay of matter, force and intelligence defines our basic existence.  When they balance, we experience health.

Healthcare therefore, is much more than treating the physical part of you (as in the practice of medicine) but rather the effort to preserve the dance which occurs uniquely between your dirt, your life and your innate… and that is the practice of Chiropractic. .

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The Weekly Sticky