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“INNATE is Sprit in human beings.  INNATE is good in human beings.  INNATE cannot be cheated, violated or tricked.  INNATE is always waiting, ready to communicate with you, and when INNATE is in contact you are in tune with the Infinite.” -B.J. Palmer

Have you ever been told to ‘follow your heart’ or ‘listen to your wee voice within’ when faced with a problem?  How about racking your brain, trying to figure out the name of the person you just bumped into at the store, only to have their name pop into your head the next day while brushing your teeth? These are examples of your iNnate at work!

Chiropractor’s refer the the ‘heart’ of a person as their iNnate iNtelligence (like a superconscious iPod).  It’s the higher Power within you that keeps your organs working while you sleep, your immune system on alert to fight disease and your body growing in a strong and healthy way.  It’s also the guiding voice within that tells you what pillows to use, what mattress is best for you, when it’s time to drink some water or whether to turn right or left at the traffic light so you won’t get lost.

Ultimately, the goal of Chiropractic is to get you in Tune with your own iNnate… to recognize and follow the ‘wee voice within in you’ when it comes to everything in your Life.  If you get good at connecting with your own heart, the sky’s the limit to who you can be, or what you can achieve!