Autumn is upon us.  At a glance the perennial flowers are all starting to look sick.  They’re losing their vigor, they’ve stopped flowering, stalks are drying up and some are turning brown.  If you were dropped into this scene without any prior experience of the change of seasons, you might believe something terribly has gone wrong with nature.  If you’ve never experienced the miracle of the four seasons you would draw erroneous conclusions.  If you looked at the plants and tried to add something from the outside-in to bring them back to life, it would produce no results.

If you observed what you thought was a sick plant and made it your mission to save the plant, you would no doubt declare yourself a failure as winter approached and the plant died back into it’s roots so it could recreate itself the following spring.

Principle number six in chiropractic philosophy says that there is no process in nature that does not require time. This is a truth and the most critical part of this principle is the fact that EVERYTHING is in PROCESS.  When you understand the process, time becomes irrelevant.

Think of the plants – the process is one of growth, apparent death, dormancy and rebirth.  When you completely understand this process, you’re not alarmed by the “dying back” of the plants; you support the plant by feeding the soil and letting the process unfold,  knowing without any doubt that the plant is guided by an invisible intelligence and will reappear in all of its glory the following spring.

The process of growth, death and rebirth occurs in us as well.  Everyday 180 billion of your 70 trillion cells die – and these cells are replaced by new cells.  This process is called healing and it occurs 24 hours a day, 7 days a week from the instant you are conceived until the instant you die.  The cells you grow in this process are dependent upon the flow of life force; or innate intelligence, from the brain to the cells over the nerve system. The sole purpose of Chiropractic Care is to ensure 100 % flow of innate from brain to cells, from birth to death.

Chiropractors remove Subluxations to restore the flow of LIFE to 100% – and that is a big thing.  Put a kink in the stem of a plant, block the flow of life in the plant and watch what happens – the part of the plant on the wrong side of the kink dies.  Poor flow over time equals sickness, and eventually death.

If your body is healing, it might look like the autumn plants – but don’t fear… with 100% flow of life from brain to body (chiropractor’s job) and support; love, healthy food, proper rest, exercise, healthy thoughts and time as the process of life unfolds.  This is what chiropractic is really all about and why everyone needs the gift of chiropractic care from birth to death!

Tell others about the gift of chiropractic!  Dr. Rob