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Getting stuck in a rut is an inconvenient thing. Without adequate traction, you end up spinning your wheels in a muddy trench, going nowhere fast until someone tows you into the clear.

When your Nerve System gets stuck in a rut, Chiropractors refer to it as being subluxated. Like spinning your wheels, when you’re in a subluxated state you can’t free yourself from the sick and dis-eased rut that holds you back from living a full life. You can’t overcome the stresses that bog you down – you can’t drive forward towards health until someone tows you into the CLEAR. That’s what chiropractic adjustments do.

True health is being able to navigate through all the messy, stressful situations you encounter in life without getting stuck. Regular chiropractic care keeps your Nerve System in the CLEAR so you can do just that.


Thanks for sharing this with your friends and family.  We’re here to help them overcome any health challenges they’re suffering needlessly with.  Have a great week! – Dr. Rob