My mentor Dr. Sid Williams has a saying… ‘Today, Not Tomorrow,’ (TNT) meaning, do the thing you NEED to do now, don’t put it off until some other time. Take a stand and make a choice. Just like skeletal muscles, your decision making muscles need lots of excercise to be strong and healthy.

Self help gurus will tell you the most successful people in the world achieve their success not by making a lot of right decisions, but by merely making more of them, both good and bad. The magic of making more decisions comes from trusting the ‘we voice’ within you, that special something we all have in side that guides our lives and moves us along the right path when we listen to it.

The chiropractors I hang out with all have a great family, abundant health and a happy, fullfilling lives. When I ask them how they got there, I always get the same answer… ‘Keep your and your loved ones’ nervous system clear with routine chiropractic care, take life one moment at a time, and most importantly act TODAY on the instructions given to you by your own inner voice.’ Your life WILL be great too, if you do the same!