For those of you blessed with the ability to eat whatever’s in sight and not gain a pound, this blog’s NOT for you. If on the other hand, if it seems like breathing air itself makes you gain weight, here’s some hope. The following theory comes from William Wolcott & Trish Fahey’s book entitled “The Metobolic Typing Diet.”

There are 3 metabolic types, Carbohydrate, Protein and Mixed. The types are named for the best food type processed by your body (and by processed I mean actually used for fuel, and not turned into fat!) Folks who are Carbohydrate types metabolized those types of foods better than someone who is a protein type, and visa versa. Mixed types seem to have the best of both worlds, metabolizing both carbs and proteins efficiently.

Perhaps one of the best arguments for not all diets working for all people is that we all have different ways of processing certain types of foods. While one person can lose weight by eating salads and fruit, one person may need to up the amount of meat in every meal to kick start the fat burning. If you’ve tried one diet after another with little to no results, metabolic typing may be a viable answer for you. Check out the link above to get the book, or feel free to ask me about the process on your next visit.