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By Southington Chiropractor – Robert Shaw, DC

Fitness legend Jack LaLanne passed away last week at the ripe age of 96.  He was best known for his feats of strength as a young body builder and later gained fame with his juicer, inspiring masses of health craved Americans to drink pulverized fruits and veggies for maximum nutrition.  What you may not have known about Jack is that he actually earned a DC degree from Oakland Chiropractic College in San Francisco, and as a chiropractor there are a few things we’re sure he would have wanted you know before he died…

Exercise is important, but you can’t gain strength if you have a weak Nerve System.  A glass of carrot juice with a dash of beet and celery may contain a ton of vitamins, but you can’t absorb those nutrients if you have a weak Nerve System.  And that Cirque du Soleil flexibility Jack was so famous for?  Forget it, if you have a Subluxated spine and a weak Nerve System.  You see no matter how much weight you lift, nutrient rich the food you eat or yoga classes you sign up for, you’ll never reach your full health potential if you have a weak Nerve System.  That IS the single, Big Idea of Chiropractic!

Unfortunately in Jack’s earlier years, being a chiropractor was seen more as a liability than as an asset and you never saw the title ‘DC’ after his name on television, print ads or on his juicer.  Back then Chiropractors were thrown in jail for practicing what they believed in, and our Principle survived as a result of their passion and dedication.  Millions are healthier today because they discovered the truth about health and wellbeing… First, keep your Nerve System clear with regular chiropractic care, and all else will follow.  Rest in peace Jack.