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From Southington Chiroprator – Rob Shaw, DC.

Many get antidepressants for no psychiatric reason (Reuters Health) – More than a quarter of Americans taking antidepressants have never been diagnosed with any of the conditions the drugs are typically used to treat, according to new research.  That means millions could be exposed to side effects from the medicines without proven health benefits, researchers say.

“We cannot be sure that the risks and side effects of antidepressants are worth the benefit of taking them for people who do not meet criteria for major depression,” said Jina Pagura, a psychologist and currently a medical student at the University of Manitoba in Canada, who worked on the study.  Read full article here.

I personally experienced this when the last MD I went to for my stomach problems told me it was ‘all in my head.’  He was wrong…. it was all in my NERVE SYSTEM, and a SPECIFIC chiropractic adjustment fixed it!

If you’ve been told it’s all in your head, don’t get frustrated.  Take control of  your life and your health, and find a Chiropractor who knows how to get to the bottom back of your problem. Read my story here.