which pothole did it
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It’s a common question Chiropractic patients have… “Hey doc, what do you think did it to me this time?  Is it the way I’m sleeping, or maybe the stress at work?”  To tell you the truth, without 24/7 video surveillance of your every move, it’s difficult to tell.

Trying to determine what specific activity created your Subluxations is like trying to figure out which pothole in the road knocked your car out of alignment.  They all contribute to it.  And driving in fear – worrying about every rock, crack and ditch your car travels over, will only stress you more.

Instead of fretting over every scenario that could throw your spine out of alignment, it’s healthier just to get checked and adjusted on a regular basis.  Physical, mental and chemical stress is an everyday part of Life.  Chiropractic care simply helps you get past all the bumps you’ll eventually hit in the road.